Why We Need Thanksgiving Now More Than Ever

This time of year is so magical. Perfect family moments. Delicious food. It’s also straight up chaos. With the increasingly fast pace in which we are living our lives, I can’t help but wonder what happened to Thanksgiving? It seems now we go straight from Halloween to Christmas. Is there no place in our society for a non-consumer driven holiday? A season where we focus outward rather than inward?

Selfishness is contagious.

If I hear one more time about how children today are so entitled and self absorbed, I am gonna start mailing strangers envelopes of glitter. Yes, there is of course truth to it, but we cannot blame them without taking some of the responsibility. Our entire fall through winter is about what we get. I am so guilty because it’s fun to spoil our kids. Especially in ways we either didn’t get to be spoiled in our own childhoods, or by recreating memories we’ve preserved through rose colored glasses. 

This is not a war on gift giving.

One of my love languages is gift giving or maybe more accurately gift receiving lol. I feel so loved when someone took the time to think about something that would MarieKondo my heart (spark joy, for those of you unfamiliar). It’s incredibly easy to focus on the thing rather than the love behind it. And our kids are watching. They learn materialism and greed from us. 

Gathering in a place of love not stress.

This is so difficult for me. Someone who wants a pretty table and perfect pie crust. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy of our holiday seasons that we forget why we are really there. To celebrate friends, family and blessings big and small. If we aren’t careful Thanksgiving can easily get swept up into one more chance to be extra. 

Make some changes to capture more joy! 

Some of the easiest ways to improve your holiday Gratitude Attitude are as follows: share responsibility. One person or a few people shouldn’t shoulder the whole load of the holiday (of course that means that If you are one of the typical shoulder-ers you make need to relinquish some control. Yep if I can do it so can you!) pause technology and allow real face to face conversation. Make a conscious effort to help the less fortunate food drives, shelters, clothing donations etc are a great way to get even young kids involved in the giving spirit. Honestly examine what you are grateful for. Big things, small things. Focusing on what you have rather than what you do not is a big shift for most of us, myself included. If you are someone who plays the comparison game (I may have an Olympic gold medal in this *sigh*) thanksgiving is the perfect time to re-examine your priorities. 

I think one of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving is to look at it through the hearts of children. Little kids are not so concerned with perfection. They are quick to forgive and befriend others. Take a cue from the minis in your life which for many of us are our biggest blessings! 
Enjoy that turkey with a side of gratitude!

7 thoughts on “Why We Need Thanksgiving Now More Than Ever

  1. You are so right, we totally need to look at holidays like our children! We would definitely enjoy it so much more.

  2. “With the increasingly fast pace in which we are living our lives, I can’t help but wonder what happened to Thanksgiving?”
    I was JUST having this SAME thought yesterday!! Thanksgiving is still one of my favorite holidays to celebrate.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this!! Thanksgiving is always such a relaxing holiday with family versus the craziness and stress around gift shopping and Christmas. You’re absolutely right, we all need to cherish this special holiday!!

  4. Because you say it best, “I am gonna start mailing strangers envelopes of glitter. Yes, there is of course truth to it, but we cannot blame them without taking some of the responsibility.” TRUTH! And about the glitter – we should totally start a thing. LOL! I absolutely love every word you wrote in this post. Let’s focus on what really matters <3

  5. This is so well written. I really enjoyed reading, and I agree, we do need Thanksgiving more now than ever. We are very limited in our gift giving in our household. 3-5 gifts for our son. Hubby and I each buy each other one nice gift. We don’t really feel the need to buy each other anything, but it’s has gotten frustrating over the years when our friends and family ask us what we gave each other that its easier to say we got this or that.

  6. Spot on! Thank you for writing this! I wish everyone could have this kind of Thanksgiving, because it means so much to me. It probably has a lot to do with my family and upbringing. We don’t shop, we gather, chat & eat, and usually only grab the cell for group pics. I love it and will miss it this year (we have over 70 people, so we’re splitting into smaller groups).
    Soooo – I love everything in your post! One of my greatest missions in life is raising my kids with accountability. I want them to see mindfulness in their parents and expect it to for themselves. I believe they will find truth and love which will lead to thankfulness. And I am excited to see it throughout their lives!

    Also, if you sent me glitter – my daughter would scream in delight, while I screamed in horror! My three kiddos are masters of messiness!! My first vision when reading that was an immediate cloud of glitter, and my girl giggling in delight! Lol!!

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