Why OTG247 Bags Are Your Mom Summer Go To Accessory

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I am excited to be partnering with OTG247 bags this summer to showcase their beautiful lines of organizational and handbag lines. Like every mama, I could use some help when it comes to organizing my life. My purse, a very nice gift from my husband during my second pregnancy is where veggie straws and receipt go to die. But no more! I vow this year, or at least this summer (small goals, right?) to be more organized. With the help of OTG247, I think I may actually achieve it, and with style! Here are some reasons why I think you’ll love their collections!

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1. Aesthetics

We all know even we mamas aren’t gonna buy something that isn’t pretty. These bags are the real deal. Happy, lively prints. In everything from neutrals to animal prints. They have something for everyone.

2. Functionality

With one bag that perfectly fits my MacBook Air (essential for a blogger who usually just throws it in her diaper bag…) another for cosmetics, and yet another that’s insulated for to keep juice boxes (or a mini Prosecco bottle wink wink) chilled!

3. High Quality Construction

Because these products can hold up to transitioning from work to mom life to date night high quality construction is something that cannot be overlooked. Thick gold zippers adorn my collection, along with weighty clips on all straps. The stitching is thick pointing to a company that is clearly proud of their product.

4. Vegan Leather

The construction is beautiful as previously mentioned, but in addition it’s a vegan leather that is not only easy to clean, but luxurious and soft. The bags look at home organizing a designer handbag or as a standalone purse.

5. Easy to Clean

Currently, I am using my hot pink strapped shoulder bag as my daily purse. I quite literally got sunscreen and a popsicle on it today and it wiped right off. To say I was impressed was an understatement. This is coming from a mama that throws all her Lululemon in the dryer with a prayer and a dryer sheet. This is not the phase of my life for high maintenance. These bags makes me look put together without actually having to be put together.

6. They Make Me Happy

I know that this is cheesy, but so often in mom life we are caught up in only doing things for our kids and forget too often about ourselves. It is nice to have some things that feel nice and remind me of when I was just a woman and not only mama 24/7.

7. They Transition Effortlessly

I am a SAHM, but I can easily see these bag working in an office environment, at a play date, or a date night out with my husband. This week alone I have taken mine to the grocery store (plenty of room for a mask!), taken mine to a doctors appointment, and taken mine to a neighborhood gathering. I CANNOT wait until regular vacations are part of normal life again because these babies will kill my packing game!

In summary, I am really pleased with my partnership with OTG247. I hope that as a reader of mine, new or old hat, you know that I honestly do not promote products that I don’t use in my everyday life. If you are interested in trying them out, you can use promo code MEREDITH for 10% off any purchase. I know you won’t be disappointed because I stand behind them.

For more information on their company history/boss babe mission check out their info here.

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