Spring Cleaning Series: Pantry by Lifesquire

My pantry had become a dumping ground for all things I wanted off my kitchen counters. If the counters are clear the kitchen is clean, right? Well sort of. The day my son grew tall enough to open the pantry door it was game over. My natural aversion to natural tidiness seems to be hereditary. We are pile people. Stack it up and it looks clean. Sure you may loose a permission slip or electric bill (still living that one down) in your beautifully sculpted stacks, but at least the aesthetics are there. I knew the solution. Pull everything out. Buy some containers and organize it. I also could come up with just as many reasons why I did not have 1) time 2) energy to complete a project with two toddlers underfoot. Along came my knight in shining personal assistance, Lifesquire. Valerie and Katie got my pantry organized in no time and I didn’t life a finger!

How it works

Lifesquire is an Oklahoma City based personal assistant company that can help you with any number of tasks. They have done everything from running errands to putting up people’s Christmas trees. This team can have a personal assistant available to you on an ongoing basis or for a specific task. I chose a specific task, my tragic pantry. Tragic it is no more!

The Process

I outlined my goals for my pantry project and set up a time that worked for me. I took my kiddos upstairs to play while the ladies went to work. Oh I also sipped on my complimentary latte they’d generously gifted me. Now I know I have your attention, mamas. Katie removed everything from my pantry, checked the expiration dates on every single item, and organized it all. She made a list of every item discarded so I could replace them the next time I went to the store if I so chose. This was particularly helpful for items like spices. Some things I learned from their organization techniques that I definitely want to incorporate into future projects are

1) I LOVE lazy Susans

2) I have so much more storage than I realized when it isn’t clogged up with stuff that shouldn’t be in the pantry in the first place. Things should be in their appropriate home.

3) Teaching my kids how to put things away is much easier when there is less stuff and things have a designated spot.

The End Result

I am so pleased with the end results of my pantry organization. Could I have organized it myself? Sure. Could I have done it while simultaneously playing with my kids? No. Would I have spent four hours meticulously checking expiration dates and lining up racks? Heck no. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the level of professionalism delivered by Lifesquire. I have no doubt that if I need another organizational project completed in my home I will contact them again. If anyone has questions I’d also be happy to answer them.

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