Out of the Box Baby Gifts in OKC

I adore buying baby gifts for friends. There are few things more exciting than the birth of a new baby. Now that I’m a two time mama my gift giving has gone from the precious to the practical. Another trend that I fully embrace is not forgetting about mama in the gift giving. After my daughter was born, two darling friends of mine got me a pedicure gift card. Oh sweet Lord. What a thoughtful gift! Of course I loved all of the teeny baby things, but if you are in the market for a gift in the OKC Metro that is a bit different from the traditional swaddle or onesie, this post has got you covered.

The Way To a Mama’s Heart

Freezer Stock at Millie’s Table Edmond-Image from Millie’s Table

Yes, yes. It’s her babies and her spouse and all that sweet stuff, but it’s also a meal that she does not have to cook or clean up. Can I get an Amen? Let me introduce you to Millie’s Table. Mille’s Table has two metro location and provides delicious (yes, this is from personal and toddler approved experience) freshly made and then frozen meals. Some of the most popular options include Parmesan Chicken, Aunt Lori’s Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken Green Chili Enchilada Bake, and Bacon Cheddar Meatloaf. Best part about these meals is the new mama can decide when to cook them. I love meal trains, I think they are very sweet, but they can be a bit overwhelming for some mamas. This option is the best of both worlds, both the cook and receiver. MilliesTable also offers sides, appetizers and desserts.

But I’m Just So Tired

After her little bundle just did nine months hard time on the inside with limitations on everything from alcohol to sushi, one thing a new mama needs more than almost anything is a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Those night feeds are oh so sweet for baby cuddles, but just so exhausting. (read To the Middle of the Night Mama) Add in a big brother or sister and you need some Okie Roasters Coffee. I was fortunate enough to find the Guthrie based couple who spend their weekend roasting coffee for the metro by mail order and fell in love. I am a k-cup conissour no more. When my first order came in the mail, my whole house smelled amazing for like a week. You just can’t beat freshly roasted beans. They do both automated shipping or single orders making it a great gift for families with new babes. Try the Peru Lima, it might just make a morning person out of you!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Photo Credit: Mary Cramer Photography

I guess I have to be careful with that header since I write instead of take photos, haha. But in all honesty, there are few things I treasure more in my home than pictures of my family. I’ve been working with Mary professionally since I was pregnant with my daughter, Avery. Her business, Mary Cramer Photography, showcases her beautiful skill set and her gentle heart. A lovely gift for a new mama would be a gift certificate either for a family session, maternity pictures, or one of Mary’s specialty Mommy and Me sessions. So often as the moms we are the ones always behind the camera, but never in the frame. Mary’s use of light will make even the most self conscious mama (ie me) feel beautiful in photos. I cannot think of a gift that I would love more than photos with my babies.

It takes a village

Image from Fit4Mom OKC Metro

My oldest was seven weeks old when I attended my first Stroller Strides class with Fit4Mom OKC Metro. I was terrified. Not only that, but I weepy beyond all measure from exhaustion, transition, with a side of postpartum anxiety (read To the New Mama With Anxiety: You Are Not Alone). In this community of women, I found a strength within that had nothing to do with bicep curls or crunches, but everything to do with accepting myself as a new mom. I also found a village. Gifting a new mom a membership or class could do the same for her. I know it has for countless others. Better yet, sign up and go together. Andrea, the dynamic owner, has and is doing great things with her franchise. Not only does Fit4Mom set a great example for children that mama is strong and self care is important, but studies show isolation is a big contributor to postpartum mental health issues. Finding camaraderie with other moms in the same phase of life is invaluable, and in my experience Fit4Mom can do just that.

I hope that you enjoyed this collection of out of the box baby gifts from the Oklahoma City area. If you know of a mama to be check out these amazing businesses, I’m sure the new mama will love you for it.

I love working with local or niche businesses. Visit my contact page if you are interested in a collaboration with Motherhood by Meredith.

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