Mama, You NEED a Galentine’s Day

Winter is long.

Yes, girl! You. I’m talking to you. The one zoned out on social media pretending to engage with her kiddos while they practice “independent play”. You NEED a Galentine’s Day. And here are some reasons why I know so.

These grey days of no sunshine are for the birds. Actually, I take that back. Even the birds have gone south in search of balmier temperatures. We need a happy occasion to brighten up the dreary days of winter. I know that on these sunless days one thing that always brightens my mood is chats with good friends. Why not make a night of it?

Everyone can pitch in making it the easiest party to plan EVER.

If you want something done, ask a group of moms to do it. I hosted a Galentine’s party last year, and it was the easiest party I have every planned in my life. I asked people to bring food. I kid you not, I had less food at Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. These ladies showed up with casserole dishes, platters, chip bag, you name it. I bought napkins and cups. Easiest. Party. Ever.

It’s good for Dad, and good for Mom.

In a lot of families I know, Mom is the main child care provider which is awesome. That being said, I think it’s excellent for Dad to have some one on one time with the kiddos without mom around to swoop in and correct lovingly  help. I don’t think moms do this on purpose, but I know I have done it myself, and it is a hurtful habit. My husband is an excellent dad. He doesn’t need my input to take care of our children. My kids love their special time with Daddy. Everyone benefits from a change up. Think of it as a trial for a Mom-cation (more on why those are so great here.)

I also need one.

Ok, so who doesn’t love a good excuse to get together with your girl friends? I don’t care if it’s all preordered fondant cakes and Champagne or Doritos and dirty hair. The point is every so often, we need to trade in our mama roles for our women we were before babies roles and just be FUN. I think a cheesy hearts and flowers commercialized holiday is the perfect time to do that! So stop hot gluing hearts onto that Kleenex box (it’s never gonna look like Sally made it look on Pinterest anyway), get your cute tushy to Target, to buy some crackers, and a box of wine! It’s time for ladies night.

It’s not too late! Start planning. Have it at a restaurant. Have it in someone’s living room. Just go for it! So what do you think? Are you into the idea? Or do you want to keep Valentine’s Day for the romantics? Or for the kids exchanging candy hearts. Will you be my Galentine?

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