Let Your Faith And Muscles Burn Bright with Holy Barre

A note From Meredith:

One of my biggest passions in starting my blog is supporting mom-owned businesses that I personally use. Women are stronger as a whole when we lift each other. Libby is a gift to me as a friend and a spiritual guide. Her workouts are transformative both physically, but also on a faith level. I have shed tears on more than one occasion as she picks the perfect scripture to describe a struggle with which I am wrestling or a worship song that calls upon God in a moment when I need Him most. Thank you for sharing your calling with me!

“The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea.”

Isak Dinesan

How It All Began

If you would have told me five years ago I would be a faith-based barre instructor, I would have laughed at the idea! But that’s just one of the many beauties of motherhood – through limitations, constraints, and surrenders, our passions and needs can combine into something we never dreamed.

I took my first barre class six weeks after having my first child, thinking it’d be a good, low-impact method to get active again. But I quickly fell in love with the workout and group class format. Since the gym had amazing childcare, I became a regular in the morning barre classes.

Barre is an amazing workout while also making you feel like a lady with strong, lean muscles. It even provides little perks like not having to shower right after since we all know the logistics involved to pull that off with littles! When the gym needed more instructors, I offered to step in. I have always loved leading and encouraging others and was comfortable speaking in front of a group.

Fast Forward to Now

A few years back, I found myself moving across the country and my having my second child. I was often stuck at home with two littles in a new city. This city was quite the opposite from the close community from which we had moved. When I was lonely or worn down, I’d turn on worship music (for my soul and sanity) and start doing some barre moves to just feel better. I soon realized doing a barre workout to worship music was so refreshing and good for my heart, soul, strength, and

In the more recent past, my family moved back across the country again and truly desiring biblical community and a place to connect and contribute. However, with my husband starting his own business and my
children being 4yrs & 2yrs, my focus and availability needed to remain with them. This time of yet another transition produced resentment and personal frustration trying to fulfill my needs while still meeting the needs of my family. Those feelings were followed by the conviction of being self-centered and ungrateful. I’m assuming we all are familiar with that roller coaster.

Lifting Frustrations and Accepting Grace

Through doing barre workouts with worship music, my perspective gradually shifted to one of gratitude and contentment for this time, realizing it’s healthier to focus on what I can do rather than what I
can’t. I still struggled to find the community I needed to maintain a positive perspective and finally thought maybe I should just create it. Or at least take a step towards it. All God had shown me over the past few years through worship and barre remained in my mind and heart. In a leap of
faith, I started a small group that met weekly to do a worship-filled barre workout and incorporate some connection, scripture, and prayer element.

Holy Barre, the official name of this faith-based fitness ministry, continues to develop, grow, challenge, and encourage me. Our group connects regularly thought a variety of online platforms
in addition to going through workouts together. My main prayer is through Holy Barre, God will clear our minds, calm our souls, fill our hearts, and strengthen our bodies.
While I’ve been told it’s a blessing to those ladies in our group, I have been so blessed in return!

And I know I’m a better, happier wife and mom because of it. I have learned so much from the other women and am now more naturally focused on my mental, emotional, physical, and
spiritual health. I also have something to regularly daydream and brainstorm on while I fold laundry, drive around, and cuddle with my kiddos on the bed. Plus my children join me in listening to the worship playlists for each workout and do their own version of barre around the

How Will You Burn Bright?

Proverbs 29:18 says ‘where this is no vision, the people perish.’ And in regards to motherhood, I like to say, ‘where there is no personal passion project, the mama loses herself.’ Think about your passions, skills, past experiences, and core values and identify something for you. (No,
you’re kids can’t be it!) For me, I realized working out and worship are two big things for me.

I’m passionate about leading and ministering to women and fully believe in the value of community after major marital struggles and infertility. In this season, I need to remain available to and focused on my husband and two young children. Now I praise God for all He’s done through this crazy combination.

What about you? How can you pursue your passions in this season? How can you shift your perspective to one of positivity? Your children will thank you . . . as well as your heart, soul, strength, and mind.

Libby Myrin, Creator of Holy Barre

Libby Myrin lives in Edmond, OK, with her hubby of 14 yrs and their 5yr old daughter and 2yr old son. She loves Jesus, family, community, fitness, brunch, and happy hour. She’s worked in the corporate and church worlds and now stays home with her kids, helps her husband with his business, and leads Holy Barre. She teaches weekly at The Body Barre in Edmond, OK. Join the Holy Barre Facebook to access workout videos, Bible reading plans, and other opportunities to burn bright!

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