How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores Without the Drama

Guest Post by Samantha Green

For many parents, getting the kids to do the chores can be a massive challenge. Even if most kids are already aware they need to help out, it can sometimes be difficult to get them to help out without any drama involved. 

Fortunately, nowadays, there’s no shortage of innovative ways available to get kids to happily help with the chores. For starters, parents can now use a chore app to assign chores and compensate kids for helping out

Compensating kids for their help will not only teach them how to earn money, it will also teach them how to manage their money accordingly. Some parents also provide their children with a kids debit card to teach them other valuable financial lessons.

Aside from paying them for helping out, below are other practical ways you can get kids to help without the nagging, power struggle, and drama:

Tip #01: Require them to do a chore before doing something they enjoy.

This is how it works: the next time your kids ask permission to watch their favorite cartoons, ask them to tidy their rooms first. Or, if they ask permission to play with their friends, require them to do the dishes first. This strategy can be an effective way to make chores a crucial part of their day.

The bottom line is to tie a specific chore to an activity. Another example would be to require them to clean all the clutter in the playroom first before they are allowed to play video games. Ideally, chores should not feel like a reward. Instead, it should feel like a part of a series of events that allows them to move to an activity they enjoy.

Tip #02: Make them understand the positive consequences of helping.

Unless explained to them, kids will often focus on the struggle of doing the chores rather than the positive consequences of helping out. This can lead kids to associate household chores with something negative. Moreover, they won’t also be able to fully appreciate the benefits of helping out.

For instance, you can explain to them that the sooner they tidy their room, the sooner they can enjoy playtime. If they do the dishes right away, they can spend more time playing with their friends or siblings. The idea is to highlight the positive consequences of helping out so they can appreciate what’s in it for them.

Tip #03: Ensure any distractions are removed.

If there’s too much distraction, kids will find it difficult to help with the chores. That said, it would make sense that you get rid of anything that will distract them. For instance, it would be best to not allow them to play with their cellphones, watch TV, or play video games until all their chores are finished.

One good way to motivate your kids to do their chores would be to appeal to their self-interest rather than explaining an abstract idea to them like responsibility or duty. If anything, appealing to their self-interest can also help convince them to help with the chores without any fuss.

Tip #04: Set a limit for the chores they will do.

If you want your kids to finish their assigned chores on time, setting a time limit will do the trick. For instance, you can ask them to finish tidying their rooms in 20 minutes. If they don’t finish the chore within the allotted time, they can lose some TV or playtime. You can also set their bedtime 20 minutes earlier.

What makes this trick beautiful is you won’t have to constantly ask them if they have done their chores. Instead, you will be keeping time. You can also use a timer if it’s more convenient. You can also talk to them to ensure they understand the lessons you want to impart.

It will also help if you provide enticing incentives. For instance, you can say, “If you finish the task in 15 minutes instead of 20, you can watch TV or play with your siblings for 15 minutes more.” This strategy is ideal because it is less punitive and provides them with an incentive to do better.

Final Thought

There’s no denying getting kids to help with the household chores can be challenging. However, with the excellent tips laid out above, getting them to help won’t be as difficult.

About the Author:

Samantha Green is the Content Marketing Strategist for the MCA award-winning app, BusyKid, the first and only chore and allowance platform where kids can earn, save, share, spend, and invest their allowance. A mom of two, she enjoys spending time with her kids and reading books to them.

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