Hair Hacks for Busy Moms

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Are you like me? Do you shower at night after you kids go to bed? Sleep on it wet only to awaken to an electric socket do straight out of Back to the Future? Or do you hop in the shower (every three or so days) quickly during nap time praying those red lights won’t start jumping at the top of the monitor? My typical hair style is mom bun chic. Or dry shampoo sassy. Self care is important, but it isn’t caring for myself truly to spend my whole savings account on pampering. (Read more about self care here) I knew there had to be some easy hair hacks to improve this mom look so I turned to an expert. Thanks to my good friend MacKenzie, hair professional, business owner, mama, and all around badass I was able to round up some simple mom hair looks anyone can manage.

Tools You May Need

My guidance to MacKenzie was “nothing too complicated” and “nothing that takes more than a few minutes”. She used bobby pins, clear elastics, a curling iron, a flat iron, and a brush. I already owned everything on that list so it was easy for me. If you don’t some of my favorites are hyperlinked on the above list.

Starting From Scratch

An eager student, I showed up in my *ahem* natural state. Hair as wild as a non-napped toddler. I can’t really believe I am letting this picture out on the world wide web, but it helps to know where we started. Typically, from this point, that elastic on my wrist would gather up the hair into a top knot until the next washing. But hold on to your lattes ladies, things are about to change!

Simplest Tricks of the Trade

I almost never straighten my hair because I find flat irons so unforgiving. One little crimp and the whole look is ruined. Thankfully gone are the stick straight early 2000s days and a little beach-y wave is in. One of the first tips I learned was in a time crunch which we mamas are in ummm like always, just flat iron the front section of your hair along with along your part line. That will smooth your over all look without all of the effort. This look gave my messy ponytail a polished look.

If a curled look is what you are after, using a 1.25 inch curling iron working in sections curl the middle of the hair only. Leaving the ends of the hair (about the last two inches) their natural texture. This also creates a more natural look instead of Shirley Temple-esque ringlets. This messy curl is the basis for the next set of styles.

The Simple Twist Back

Simple Twist Back on one side.

This look is one of the simplest on here, but is very elegant. Simply take a section of hair from next to one ear and twist toward your crown securing with bobby pins. PRO TIP: Bobby pins hold best when they are locked into place. To achieve, criss cross at a 90 degree angle with bumpy sides facing the same direction, toward the scalp. For a variation on this look, the twist can be repeated on the opposite side of the head for a half up half down look. My hair is loosely curled here. This can also be done with straight or natural texture hair.

Criss Cross

Criss Cross Half Up

For this look, you begin the same way as the twist. Pull one section of hair from behind your ear and secure to the back of your head with two interlocking bobby pins. From the opposite side of your head, pull another section of hair and tuck underneath the first side. Repeat until desired look is achieved. PRO TIP: Smaller tighter sections yield a more formal look. Looser sections a more casual, boho hairstyle. This is another hair style where the starting texture can be anything. More perfect curls with a smoothed top would be perfect for a wedding, where beachy waves and a loose top would work for a music festival. Especially if you add a braid like in our next look.

Fishtail With Mini Bun

Fishtail side braid with mini bun

For this look start by parting your hair on one side. Gather a small section of hair on the opposite side of the part and braid a fishtail down to the end securing with a clear elastic. Don’t know how to fishtail? Learn here. Or just braid a traditional braid. Gather top half of hair into a messy bun and secure with bobby pins using the interlocking technique. I have thick hair and three bobby pins are plenty to hold mine, but if I am going somewhere windy I will add a few extra. PRO TIP: for a dressy variation or second day (or third day dirty) hair gather the bottom section into a second messy bun and secure with additional bobby pins. The messier the buns the more casual. The sleeker the more dressy.

Double bun with side braid

I love all of these looks because they work with the natural texture of your hair and with a little practice can be completed in 5-10 minutes or even less. You don’t need to invest in fancy hair accessories or products to get your hair to look like you spent time fixing it, even if you woke up on it twenty minutes earlier.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair?

Special Thanks to MacKenzie Edgeman of Hello Love Salon Edmond, OK for help with this post!

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