Guest Post: 10 Ways To Reduce Stress

by Erika of Erika’s Not So Secret Diary

Have you ever suffered from stress while your children are around? Have you ever experienced yourself being extremely stressed? 

Let me give you some tips that you can use as a tool to reduce the stress. Whether you are a working mom, or a stay at home mom, these tips will be helpful in your everyday life.

Working moms and stay at home moms have extremely busy schedules and can often find themselves with the unpredictability of parenting. Especially moms that have small children, parenting can be even more stressful. 

For example, if a child has a potty- training accident and feels embarrassed about it, that can potentially start the morning off wrong for the mother and for the child. If a working or a stay at home mom is either preoccupied or is under stress, she may feel less efficient enough to do anything. 

Whether it is going to work or do something as simple as going for a walk, she may not feel up to it. If she can sense that her child is feeling under stress or may be a tad bit out off, then maybe your child is trying to tell you something.

What are some stress relief tips for working moms and stay at home moms?

Get Positive. Start your morning off with a pot of coffee or tea and begin to speak Positive Affirmations or maybe write a positive note to begin the day.

Meditation. Try and take 10 minutes out of your day or more if you choose too. And begin to meditate. Side note: Youtube has great Meditation. 

Eating Healthy. Sometimes eating healthy is very important because what you put into your body can release stress and would be able to boost your metabolism.

Journaling. Writing down your thoughts or feelings and releasing that negativity is another great way to reduce the stress and making this a daily habit can help reduce stress.

Exercise. Exercise helps you release endorphins and toxins, which help you feel good and reduce stress. Take a walk, hit the gym, attend a group class, or do some yoga.

Laugh. Laughter is a great stress relief and breaks the tension. Try watching a funny video or turn on Impractical Jokers.

Treat yourself. Think about a fun way to treat yourself and do it. It could be free, like a bubble bath, low costs like a cup of your favorite coffee, or a spa treatment. Enjoy a moment to yourself for once!

Take a break. When was the last time you went on a date or out with friends? When was the last time you sent the kids to their friend’s house (or grandmas)? Plan some time without the kids and get recharged!

Most importantly, Cut yourself some slack. We as Mothers tend to be very hard on ourselves, and this can add unneeded stress to an already frustrating situation. Be kind to yourself and maybe even laugh at your mistakes, rather than beating yourself up for them.

Overall, we all have different ways to reduce stress; But Most importantly, it is better to know how to use these tips to reduce stress in your daily routine. 

What are some of the Things that you used to get rid of stress while having your children? Do you think some of these tips will be very useful?

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