5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Paperless Post

I am a women who loves paper. Thinks there is beauty in the tangible. However, I am also a mom to two young children. All over the internet you can read about the “Mental load of motherhood“. Not in every relationship, but certainly in mine invitations, announcements, holiday cards all fall under my prevue. Maybe because if left up to my darling husband they’d be a text that started with “Hey man, you busy?”

I’m all about the intersection of beauty and convenience at this stage in my life. Insert Paperless Post. I’ve recently be graciously offered the opportunity to partner with this awesome company that features famous designers such as Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper and Co. They have delivered more than 85 million cards to date!

Here are some of the many reasons I’m loving this company:

It’s Instant

I am a classic procrastinator. Typically, I remember my to do list best at 3 am after a toddler wake up. Best thing about online correspondence is I could get up and work on delayed invites right then and there. Or more likely the next afternoon when I remember again. *face palm* Anything that allows my lateness to be less evident, and even better beautiful is a win in my mom book. 

Loss of paper

My invitation filing system either consists of a Melissa and Doug magnet on the fridge or flinging paper into endless piles on my desk where they may or may not ever be seen again. Anyone who has ever planned a party knows the frustration of the zero RSVPs two days before an event. I believe the majority of that isn’t out of malice or laziness, but more out of people honest to goodness losing the paper invite. With Paperless Post, you can cut the distraction out while retaining an electronic copy of the invitation. It’s mom level genius!

I, For the Life of Me, Do Not Understand the US Postal System

I do not for the life of me understand the US Postal system. I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent woman, but that place brings on for me an unparalleled anxiety. Additionally, adding in postage and travel time is something I don’t always account for either cost or time wise. (See above for procrastination tendencies.) Electronic delivery is something I can get on board with easily. The majority of people I know wake up to an alarm (or screaming baby) and do what next? Check their email or at least Facebook. I have been (don’t kill me, Mom) been known to forget to check the mail for days. #millenial


As mentioned above some famous designers such as Kate Spade New York work with Paperless Post to ensure what you send electronically is just as beautiful as a traditional card.  Below I have pulled some of my favorite designs for a Save the Date, Baby Shower, and a personal favorite, happy hour!





I can’t say I am even close to the most environmentally conscious mama out there. We might always be stocked with paper plates… but I am trying. Using electronic letters saves time and money, doesn’t hurt to be more environmentally conscious while still being so visually appealing!

In short, give Paperless Post a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Also, expect lots of electronic correspondence from yours truly, the procrastination queen!

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