30 Truths in 30 Years (With a Few to Grow On)

So honesty is the best policy, and I’m actually now thirty-three as of the end of November instead of thirty, but sometimes wisdom takes a bit to settle in. Kind of like how all of those wise tidbits my mom bestowed upon me as a teen, that I then found annoying, suddenly become Gospel truth when I have my own kids. Not that I am claiming to be some sort of sage of the triple decade, but there are some things I have found to be true. If you are 21 these will not seem true, all in good time, sister. Also, if you are in your twenties, just put on a bikini and wear it everywhere. Like to the grocery store. Anywho, get ready for some wisdom, y’all.

My 33rd Birthday Celebration this year

The Truths:

  1. Black on black really is flattering.
  2. Some friends are situational, and that’s ok.
  3. Even good tequila will probably ruin tomorrow.
  4. Going to bed angry is better than a cheap apology.
  5. Nice things last longer.
  6. A few good things is better than lots of cheap ones. (True for shoes, wine, and friends)
  7. Jealousy only hurts the jealous party.
  8. Toddlers forgive better than adults. Don’t be afraid to apologize to them.
  9. Gossip is mean no matter how you dress it up.
  10. You should have at least one bra you love by your 30s.
  11. Don’t let anyone tell you that your are incapable.
  12. Being “too sensitive” is often a cut from someone who feels guilty for hurting you.
  13. Forgiveness is hard, but worth it.
  14. Always have tampons.
  15. Read something. Anything.
  16. Support other women. 
  17. Don’t stereotype men, they have feelings too.
  18. Find a friend older than you. Trusted wisdom is worth its weight in gold.
  19. Call your mom.
  20. Go to yoga. Sometimes we need someone else to tell us when to breathe.
  21. Set boundaries with yourself and others.
  22. Don’t try to control other people’s emotions.
  23. Listen to hear rather than to respond. 
  24. Get a babysitter
  25. Cry it out.
  26. Drink more water.
  27. Eat salad, but don’t only eat salad. 
  28. Find a passion project.
  29. Put your phone down. 
  30. Pray by having honest conversations with God. Might as well, He already knows what you’re trying to hide.
  31. Get enough sleep to be your best self.
  32. Try running. If you hate it, find something else.
  33. You’re heart is something to be protected, but not to be locked in away.

Maybe when I am forty (or forty-four haha) I will come to the realization that half of these are crap. But, right now if you are gathering the general gist of my message, it’s that you are a woman of worth. Artfully defined by your maker to be exactly who you are. Gone are the days of treating our temples like a dumpster with plastic bottle vodka and 3 am bedtimes. Self care wins! Sure, I still often forget to take my make up off after a night out, but no worries my toddler will point it out at 5 am when he’s up asking for milk and PJ Mask. I think it’s been my favorite decade thus far, which is a bold statement being only a third of the way in, but I am sticking to it.

What truths have you discovered as you’ve grown? What do you think of mine? Do you disagree? I’d love to hear more about what you’ve learned. Age is such a blessing, wrinkles and all.

7 thoughts on “30 Truths in 30 Years (With a Few to Grow On)

  1. There really a lot of wisdom that accumulates as we get older, huh? I like the one about situational friends. Not everyone will be your best friend, but they still play a role in your life for a time.

    1. Thanks! I feel like women often think it’s their fault when a friendship disappears but maybe it just served it’s purpose and that can be beautiful in and of itself!

  2. Snaps all around! First off, you look amazing! And secondly, I love the nugget on “some friends are situational”; boy oh boy! This was confirmation for me. Life changes things and sometimes it spills over into friendships and I can’t understand why. But now I truly understand from someone who wrote this amazing post, that sometimes relationships and friendships run their course! Take the lesson and keep living!

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